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You Probably Know That You Should Change Your Air Filter Regularly, But Do You Know Why?

At one time or another you have probably heard that it’s important to regularly replace or clean your furnace’s air filter. However, have you ever stopped to wonder why? The truth is, regular filter replacement can SAVE YOU MONEY.

Following are some of the key benefits associated with proper filter maintenance:

  • Energy Savings. A dirty air filter can significantly reduce the air flow to your heating system, forcing the motor on your fan to work harder. Unfortunately, the harder your fan has to work, the more energy it consumes. By replacing your filter you can improve airflow, thus lessening the load on the fan’s motor. As a result you can substantially lower your monthly heating costs.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality. Properly selected air filters help to improve your indoor air quality by trapping dust, allergens, mold and other pollutants. Dirty filters are far less effective at removing these contaminants. Consequently, without regular filter changes your indoor air quality can suffer. Replacing a dirty filter with a new, clean one can eliminate this problem and have you breathing easy again in no time. (Check the labeling to make sure the filter is the right kind for removing mold, allergens and other particulates aside from dirt and dust.)

  • Longer Equipment Life. By restricting air flow, a dirty filter forces your whole heating system to work harder. Not only that, but it allows dirt and debris to build up inside your furnace. The combination of dirty parts and increased wear and tear can lead to frequent breakdowns. Worse, over time it can even cause system failure. By frequently changing your filter, you can reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and prolong the life of your heating system.

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